Residential architecture: CVL at the heart of Parisian projects


CVL Luminaires selected by Agence Felicita and Studio Vertbois

With the creation of the integrated design office within the manufacturing workshop, major Parisian names in architecture and interior design have recognized for several years our experienced vision in this field. After several collaborations in residential architecture with notably Stéphanie Coutas (who chose the Arborescence pendant light), Studio AC or Agence Jean-Christophe Peyrieux (that chose the Link reading light), it is the turn of Agence Felicita associated with Studio Vertbois to select several of our decorative lightings. For this contemporary residential architecture project, sober and warm at the same time, the Contract collection perfectly meets the expectations of sophistication and timelessness sought by the tandem of architects. As if to make art and design resonate in places!

The residential project of Neuilly-sur-Seine by Felicita and Vertbois

For this project, Soledad Leclercq Ferreras of Agence Felicita and Sébastien Coudert-Maugendre of Studio Vertbois have teamed up. As a duo, they are carrying out a complete renovation of an apartment in Neuilly-sur-Seine near Paris, in France. Over an area of ​​175 m2 on the ground floor, they completely reinvented the space. They drew their inspiration from the year of construction of the 1960 building by reinterpreting the codes, shapes and materials of that time. The goal is to create a spacious, calm, bright place that is open to the garden and to nature. Varnished oak, smoked glass, granite, burnt wood in the shou sugi ban style and satin brass come together in a set of elements thought out and designed to generate sober and elegant volumes that are easy to live with. Each element and lighting selected in this real estate rehabilitation leaves a large place for the colors of the garden, like a painting to be discovered around each room.

Four CVL luminaires chosen for the residential architecture project in Neuilly-sur-Seine

Let us start by exploring the living space. Above the great fusion granite dining island hangs the large circular Gamma chandelier designed by Sylvain Willenz. Here, the pendant, based on the multiplication of metallic and luminous tubes, completely echoes the cylindrical shape of the island’s feet in burnt oak.

Just like the suspended glass bookcase, three of the Calé(e) pendants on circular pavilions from Studio Pool are installed with ability in the cozy living room with its fireplace. The sets of brass and satin graphite finishes blend perfectly with the materials of the coffee table.

For night spaces, organized like a suite, the choice was between two lights created by Emilie Cathelineau. The first bedroom accommodates two Louis oval pendant lights installed on either side of the bed. With great elegance, they align with the large wooden panel and harmoniously play their lighting effect between opal glass and satin brass. The touch of sobriety and minimalism is given in the second bedroom, which has more limited space. Always in satin brass finish, the Link reading light in the 1300 version nests horizontally above the bed.

In addition to magnificent residential architecture projects, CVL Luminaires also collaborates on tertiary and commercial architecture projects.

Discover the Earth wall lamp at the Hotel Victor Paris 16e by Laurent Maugoust Interior Architect.


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