Bespoke CVL Lightings for Maison Delas Frère


Aware of the quest for uniqueness for many of its customers, CVL has set up a design office that designs custom-made lights. It is able to meet the most demanding brass lighting projects. Discover the creation for Maison Delas Frère.

The French press talks about CVL

The press talks about CVL


Marie-Claire Home, Journal de la Maison or Art & decoration, a great deal of magazines dedicated to interior design talk about CVL Luminaires. They quote and showcase our products alongside other major lighting brands.

Residential architecture: CVL at the heart of Parisian projects


When interior architecture interacts with real estate, Soledad Leclercq Ferreras from Agence Felicita is certainly the one behind this project. Associated with Sébastien Coudert-Maugendre from Studio Vertbois, she selected 4 lights from the Contract collection for this Parisian project. Discover the finalized project.

Behind the scene of CVL Luminaires' Design office

Behind the scenes of CVL Luminaires’ design office


Before starting the procedure to manufacture a product, there are hours of work devoted to the aesthetic design and then to finding the most suitable technical solution. In this article, discover the role of CVL Luminaires’ design and creation office.

IDEAT speaks about CVL Luminaires

IDEAT speaks about CVL Luminaires


CVL Luminaires is in the Actu Design of the famous decoration magazine IDEAT. Discover in video the workshop of manufacture of our high-end lighting located in Angers in France.