CVL Luminaires : Renowned French lighting manufacturer


At the crossroads of art and innovation, the French lighting manufacturer has established itself as a jewel of the French lighting industry. Founded on excellence in craftsmanship and creativity, this family-run business has been lighting up interiors and spaces with unique, refined pieces for over six decades, making it one of France’s most experienced lighting manufacturers.

CVL Luminaires, French excellence

CVL Luminaires, based in France, embodies the quintessence of French craftsmanship. Backed by its heritage and commitment to quality, CVL has conquered the national and international market with its unique, timeless creations, enabling the French lighting manufacturer to export today to over 80 countries. 

Innovation and tradition: The CVL seal

At the heart of CVL’s philosophy lies a subtle balance between contemporary innovation and respect for traditional craftsmanship. Each luminaire is the fruit of collaboration between renowned designers and passionate craftsmen, resulting in pieces that are both modern and steeped in history. 

Varied ranges, a unique signature

CVL Luminaires offers two diverse ranges of lighting fixtures, from contemporary collections to modern designs and sought-after functionalities. 

Each piece is designed with meticulous attention to detail and a constant search for aesthetics and functionality, enabling this French lighting manufacturer to achieve impeccable finishes and versatile products. 

The French lighting manufacturer's commitment to sustainability

In addition to its commitment to excellence and quality, CVL Luminaires places sustainability and environmental responsibility at the heart of its concerns. 

By favoring noble, sustainable materials and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, the French lighting manufacturer is committed to an eco-responsible approach. 

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