Design table lamp: a decorative light par excellence



The design table lamp: an aesthetic object for mood lighting

Table lamp, bedside lamp, desk lamp, table lamp… these are all names that we give to this multipurpose light. It is because it adapts to all rooms that the table lamp forms a source of ambient lighting. Versatile and small in size, the design table lamp is easy to place in one room and can be moved to another as desired. It can be placed on a coffee table, at the end of a sofa, on a chest of drawers, a console in an entrance, a desk, a bedside table, a shelf or a bookshelf. The light itself plays with unique shapes, high-end materials and sober colors to transform the atmosphere of a space. It diffuses a sometimes-subdued accent light that completes the main and direct lighting of a room while adding a decorative touch. And for some interior design projects, the bias is to see only the table lamp in the decoration ! Discover Couture, Janed and Arborescence, three table lamps that easily fit into hotel decoration.


The Couture table lamp by Hervé Langlais

Discretion and refinement are the characteristics of the latest table lamp by Hervé Langlais, the first independent designer to work for CVL Luminaires. The Couture lamp, whose Drop Paper® lampshade is simply buttoned onto its curved brass stem, is part of the new 2022 CVL Luminaires collection. Its fluctuating silhouette with classic elegance makes it a stylish table lamp for a bedside table, a workspace or the intimate area of a suite dedicated to reading. As a standard model, the underside of the base will always be in a graphite finish, but it is possible to request another finish to further personalize your customers’ interior design projects.


Dimensions: height 45.5 cm, width 22 cm, diameter 17 cm

Light source: E14 bulb 40 watts maximum not included

Materials: brass, graphite, nickel and copper in satin or polished finish

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The Janed table lamp by Emilie Cathelineau, in-house designer at CVL

The Janed collection released in October 2021 also offers its table lamp model. All round, with its triplex opal glass globe and its cylindrical base, this small table lamp has a design that is both minimalist and playful. Compact, it brings a discreet point of light on the bedside table or desk in bedroom. To personalize your clients’ projects, the base of the lamp and the cup on which the globe rests are available in four finishes that can be elegantly combined: brass, graphite, nickel and copper in a satin or polished finish. Depending on the use of the place it is in, the resolutely contemporary design of the Janed table lamp will easily fit into the interior decoration chosen for your project.

Dimensions: height 16.8 cm, width 7 cm, diameter 12 cm

Light source: G9 Led bulb of 5 watts maximum not supplied

Materials: brass, graphite, nickel and copper in satin or polished finish

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The Arborescence table lamp by Hervé Langlais

Great finesse and elegance for the Arborescence XS table lamp in satin brass with its white lampshade designed by Hervé Langlais! He was inspired by nature whilst he envisioned the Arborescence collection. Placed on a thin cylindrical base surmounted by a disc of larger diameter, the three brass rods of different lengths, which constitute the base of the lamp, stand like the branches of a tree. Inside these three branches, the translucent Drop Paper® lampshade diffuses a delicate and effective light. The arborescence table lamp is ideal as a bedside light in a hotel room! Its sleek design makes it a timeless table lamp that adapts very easily to the atmosphere that surrounds it. The Arborescence collection is also available as pendant and floor lamps.


Dimensions: height 65 cm, width 16 cm, diameter 20 cm

Light source: E27 bulb 205 watts maximum not included

Materials: brass, graphite, nickel and copper in satin or polished finish

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