Éclipse, a wall light available in two diameters in which a led plate is hidden in between two brass discs. A celestial object that stuns architectures.
Please be aware that discs are fixed and cannot be positioned in any other way.
SB Satin brass
SG Satin graphite
SN Satin nickel
SC Satin copper
Solid brass
LED intégrée 1 790 lm 3 000° K. Alim. électronique intégrée

From the same designer

Trained as an architect, Hervé Langlais collaborated for many years with Paul Andreu, a specialist in airport constructions, and together designed the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing in China and even the Shanghai Oriental Art Center. Twenty years later, he started again what he loved doing and developed a product designer activity. This former building designer grants specific importance to each detail, refined form and to the rarity of materials. Hervé is the first independent designer to become part of the CVL team.