Bringing something ancient back to fashion, this is what Pauline had in mind for the Signal collection. An elegant allusion, declined in wall lights and pendants, with their original asymmetric light source.
SB Laiton satiné
SB Satin brass
SG Graphite satiné
SG Satin graphite
SN Nickel Satiné
SN Satin nickel
SC Cuivre satiné
SC Satin copper
PB Laiton poli
PB Polished brass
PG Graphite poli
PG Polished graphite
PN Nickel poli
PN Polished nickel
PC Cuivre poli
PC Polished copper
Solid brass
Polycarbonate diffuser
Integrated LED 340 lm 2 700° K. Int. power supply 24 V included

From the same family

From the same designer

After studying at Olivier de Serres and Paris’s famous École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs, Pauline Deltour assited the German designer Konstantin Grcic during three years. During her time with him she learnt more about her job, considered new working skills and gained further stylistic vocabulary. In 2011 Pauline Deltour returned to Paris, with even more experience, and set up her own company of designing objects. She also collaborated on stage design projects in interior architecture. In 2017 she joined CVL’s designer team and created the Signal collection.