Explore sophisticated radiance with our Janed sconces, now available in an IP44 version to enhance your bathrooms. Specially designed to combine elegant design with enhanced protection against humidity, these sconces offer an aesthetic and functional solution for your bathroom.
© Delphine Warin

From the same family

Elegant shapes, minimalist accents and immaculate finishes. Find the CVL spirit in a collection of aesthetic and functional wall lights, specifically designed for bathrooms.

From the same designer

When Émilie Cathelineau became part of CVL as a designer back in 2003 the company did not yet have a design studio. Her mission was to develop the existing classic range which was known for its quality and various finishes. As an expert in lighting, she is the person in charge for the development of the products and goes over changes and novelties with the other designers. At present, Émilie has designed over ten collections. Made up of all sorts and forms of lights, her collections are inspired from other Art Déco styles to contemporary designs.