GAMMA is a graphic and versatile system.
It is from metal tubes and opaline white cylinders, multiplied, that a whole range of luminaries is arranged.

Sylvain Willenz had imagined the GAMMA concept as a form of freedom. This is how the GAMMA XL was born.
SB Satin brass
SG Satin graphite
SN Satin nickel
PB Polished brass
PG Polished graphite
PN Polished nickel
Solid brass
(XL) Polycarbonate diffuser

From the same family

From the same designer

Graduated in 2003 from MA Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London, Sylvain Willenz opened his design office the following year in Brussels. His work was spotted in 2007 in a furniture exhibition in Milan by Established & Sons which launched, shortly after, its range of TORCH lights. Since then, he created and collaborated for publishing houses and light artisans such as CVL Luminaires. At the head of a small team, he designs furniture and lighting, offering a simple, graphic and timeless approach. Fascinated by craftsmanship and industry, he pays great attention to detail and likes to focus on the diversity and quality of materials. In 2009, he received the British Grand Prize for Best Lighting Design with his TORCH Light collection, and was also named Belgian Designer of the Year.