IDEAT speaks about CVL Luminaires

IDEAT speaks about CVL Luminaires


Design News by IDEAT: meeting with CVL Luminaires 

In September, the famous decoration and design magazine IDEAT focuses on our French know-how. What an honour! « Here, no robot nor assembly line; 30 CVL craftsmen each of them mastering specific techniques, working manually or on unique machines developed for the needs of CVL workshop».  

In a short video, you will discover our creation and production unit and our ancestral French know-how. Located in the Loire Valley near Angers, we work with to manufacture high end lightings. Within the factory, in our own workshops, brass is cleaned, polished, tapped, shaped, coated and decorated.

Éric Baron, President of CVL Luminaires, tells about the upgrading of the products. With the arrival on the market of products from Asia around the years 2000, CVL has a card to play to differentiate themselves. This is when the family-owned business, created in 1960, starts its diversification. CVL decides to develop a brand-new range of lightings made of solid brass, CVL Contract, aimed at specifiers, interior architects, decorators or lighting specialists.  

CVL, light shed on a French know-how 


Discover the Cornet pendant light,

the very last realization of CVL Luminaires in collaboration with the designer Studio Pool.

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