Behind the scene of CVL Luminaires' Design office

Behind the scenes of CVL Luminaires’ design office


Almost thirty years ago, Eric Baron took over the family business founded in 1960. Without denying the ancestral know-how of CVL, the company took an industrial turn from the beginning of the 2000s. Wrought iron was gradually abandoned in favor of solid brass. Entirely handcrafted products move upmarket. A new range of decorative lightings is created and intended exclusively for specifiers, architects and decorators to see the light of day in 2014. The Contract collection is the outcome of the high-end positioning of the company, which is very clearly committed to design, modernity and a tailor-made approach

Enter the specifiers market thanks to the designers

Emilie Cathelineau is the first designer of CVL Luminaires. By joining the company in 2003 as an integrated designer, her first mission was to develop the still very classic range of lighting. Subsequently, CVL introduced new technologies to take its offer to the highest level. The design office is organized to respond to all requests for specific creations. It uses high-performance design software, allowing the creation of 3D files and renderings essential to its new clientele of architects, decorators and publishing houses. The French-style know-how of CVL artisans, the acquisition of new technologies and the integration of a designer then open up the possibility of collaborating with recognized external designers. Emilie brings designers closer to the industrial side. For them, the product development phase is quick, easy and reassuring. She also ensures that designers’ choices and biases are respected and guides the workshop team during manufacture. The challenge: to stay as close as possible to the artistic direction recommended by the designers.


Create, adapt, prototype to meet the needs for the projects of architects, decorators and publishing houses

The design office creates the CVL Luminaires collections. The design department works upstream of each Contract and Manufacture collection. It is therefore Emilie, integrated designer, who oversees all product creations: her own lighting creations and those proposed by external designers. Prior to receiving their sketches, she manages all the technical development part in a team with the workshop, while respecting the aesthetic line.

The design office adapts a product from an existing collection. According to your requests, the design office makes the necessary modifications without distorting the creative balance of the luminaire: a desired size, a particular adjustment on the hanging system, a specific adjustment according to your installations, etc.

The design office analyzes the feasibility of a specific product. As architects, decorators or publishing houses, you can submit a sketch or plan to us for a special, fully custom creation. The design office carefully examines the technical feasibility of your lighting idea. This is when the team will look for the most appropriate technical solution so that the lighting can be manufactured in our workshops, and without compromise or concessions on technicality, safety and performance. The next step is the construction of the prototype of your product, both for a unique creation and for mass production as part of an architectural hotel project, for example. This step is successful if it combines proper operation, electrical safety standards and fixing of the luminaire while being as close as possible to the design of your project.

Our creative cell listens to your needs around the world.

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