CVL Luminaire’s newest product : the NACHO pendant


The Nacho pendant light released from the universe of Sylvain Willenz 

It is a very graphic, even surrealistic design for the newly released NACHO pendant light. Straight out of the imaginary graphic language of the famous designer Sylvain Willenz and inspired by paintings, NACHO looks like a three-dimensional drawing suspended in the air. Let us not forget that Sylvain Willenz dreamed of becoming a cartoonist. His affection for graphic arts is reflected in the vast majority of his furniture and lighting designs and particularly in NACHO. His collaboration with CVL Luminaires since 2018 allows him to be closely connected to the artisanal workshop, which is what fascinates him in his profession. With NACHO, his attention to detail and the balance between shapes and lights is expressed to leave us in our own dream world.




The Nacho pendant : a lighting piece for large spaces

On the same line, the NACHO pendant lamp brings together several sculptural and luminous elements. There are as many light sources as there are varied volumes which make it unique.

Imagine the large NACHO model, 1.30m long, above a dining table or a large dining island measuring two meters. And why not consider it lighting up a pool table? With its imposing and very graphic design, the NACHO pendant lamp could well direct the mood board for the interior decoration of the room in which it will be installed. A refined, sober and elegant decoration! Light sources such as directional spotlights (GU12 bulb), a white triplex matt opal sphere (G4 bulb) and integrated LED strips on the horizontal bar, are juxtaposed with pear-shaped, half-moon lampshades and other very poetic forms. 

In its small version, 75 cm long without spotlights, NACHO will also easily find its place in the sleeping area. With its rounded and playful shapes, it reassures and gives the promise of sweet dreams. On the photos, NACHO is made in satin brass and satin graphite. It is available in all of our other usual finishes, satin nickel and satin copper.

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